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18 September 2005 @ 12:23 pm
Like this.  
This is what is today:

It's the pressed, subdued silk of an almost autumn blue sky.

It's kitties playing with your toes as you're stumbling to the kitchen for a cup of Lapsang and an organic Blueberry Scone that you just bought at the Farmers Market yesterday.

It's the snapdragons' opening (that you also purchased there) in orange and peach and apricot rose. It's waiting for the Lapsang to brew and pinching the snapdragons just right so that their mouths open and close.

It's being amused with snapdragons singing 'Dazed and Confused' while the smoky scent of Lapsang gently drifts.

It's feeling as if you are directly outside of the Door of Wisdom and Knowledge and All Things Most Desirable, but you've got no keys. Your ear is pressed warmly to its wood, you can hear the moans and come-hithering melodies - not unlike the way a favourite song feels when you haven't heard it for years. Some haunting and resonant familiar that wells a beautiful and exquisite sweetness from within.

It's wanting it in a way that I've wanted lovers; all mad communion and flesh. Consummation. The one breath of two. I want its blood within me, to share its union, but all I can do is listen. Listen and fumble with a door that won't open, in darkness and wanton for the transom of its writhing and wild light.

It's walking up the stairs still humming the tune, kitties in tow (or toe, depending), warm feel of Lapsang in your hand and being utterly content with simply being.

It's what it is to be in love with the Sun.