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09 September 2005 @ 11:28 pm
Meaningless observations on my mercurial nature: I wilt if I lack obsession, prefer veils to nakedness, am mad for vapid obscurities.

Peer into my shadowmind, fiends, for I am liminal and the whirling air adores me.

I've been obsessively blogbrowsing today, voyeuring others tangents, snickering over pretentious isms. Occasionally have been piqued by someones excellent taste in subject matter, moreso with the rarer naked and honest confession, even when inadvertant and if I'm honest - especially then. There is something soft and vulnerable when people, especially non-writers, open themselves to strangers.

Among the more interesting diversions:


So, here I am all googling 'blog memes' when I stumble upon what quite possibly is the hellacoolest mullet, /ever/. I was so fascinated with the initial webshot (which - I kid not - rotates with every refresh) that I abandoned my initial meme idea in order to pore over his blog for the better part of an hour. The issues I can only begin to guess at there made me wish I had some beyond novitiate astrological skill. Venus has not been kind as a rule (although his posted girlfriend - "Strawberry Blonde" makes me assume that is not a current problem). I am perversely intrigued and keep flipping through, making up stories about his life in my mind.

What prompts such glorious and half flowing man-tresses and 'come, want me' poses? What makes them so obviously ineffectual? Why is he so oblivious? More, what force of will is it that moves someone to act out the very things they least believe that they are? Some false sense of being that refuses to forego an archetype he's always wished to become, even if it's never what he'll believe he really is?

What probably should concern me more is that the psychology of humans is more intriguing than actual humans ever could be.

Current Mood: Gordian
Current Music: Azam Ali doing Hildegard De Bingen